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The An-26 light transport airplane was designed on the basis of the Аn-24RТ airplane and differs from the latter in the extended fuselage tail section with a large cargo door and pressure ramp. running the complete development cycle of advanced aircraft — from preliminary design to construction, testing, certification, production and. Airline Meridian carries freight on the aircraft An-26 UR-MDA & UR-CHT. The aircraft is equipped with all necessary equipment for flights to Europe. А/к Меридиан выполняет грузовые перевозки на самолетах типа Ан-26 The Antonov An-26 is a twin-engined turboprop short-to medium-range military transport aircraft by the Soviet design bureau OKB Antonov (today Antonov ASTC, Ukraine). The An-26 is a military development of the Antonov An-24 Technical Data Wing Span 29.2 Length (m) 23.8 Height (m) 8.6 Take Off Distance (m) 1240 Landing Distance (m) 1740 Absolute Ceiling (x100ft) 27

AN26, Kassel Germany, 2007 (On 4 October 2007, an Antonov An-26B cargo aircraft being operated for an unidentified Hungarian-registered carrier by a Ukrainian crew on an empty positioning flight from Stuttgart to Kassel overran the destination runway during a daylight landing in normal ground visibility. None of the six crew on board were injured JetPhotos.com is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 4 million screened photos online Az An-26 (NATO-kódja: Curl) kéthajtóműves, légcsavaros gázturbinás szállító repülőgép. A kijevi Antonov tervezőiroda fejlesztette ki az An-24T teherszállító repülőgép alapján. 1969-ben mutatták be először, módosított raktérrel és nagyobb rámpával. Kínában a Xian Aircraft Factory gyártja licenc nélkül, J-14-ként, ez később J-7-re módosult An-26 from 8th Air Base Kraków-Balice at airshow in Inowrocła

Aircraft Models - Type AN26 - AirNav RadarBox Database - Live Flight Tracker, Status, History, Route, Replay, Status, Airports Arrivals Departures Real-time flight tracking with one of the best and most accurate ADS-B coverage worldwide The A-26 was Douglas Aircraft's successor to the A-20 (DB-7) Havoc, also known as Douglas Boston, one of the most successful and widely operated types flown by Allied air forces in World War II.. Designed by Ed Heinemann, Robert Donovan, and Ted R. Smith, the innovative NACA 65-215 laminar flow airfoil wing of the A-26 was the work of project aerodynamicist A.M.O. Smith In this video you will see the main instruments and switches of AN-26 which is a soviet aircraft produced in 1969 until 1986, twin turbo-prop transport aircr.. The Antonov An-26 (NATO reporting name: Curl) is a twin-engined turboprop civilian and military transport aircraft, designed and produced in the USSR in 1969-1985.1 1 Development 2 Variants 2.1 Non-USSR /-Ukrainian versions 3 Operators 3.1 Military operators 3.2 Former Military operators 3.3 Civil operators 4 An-26 airplanes in museums 5 Accidents and incidents 6 Specifications 7 See also 8.

The Antonov An-26 is a twin-engined turboprop civilian and military transport aircraft, designed and produced in the Soviet Union from 1969 to 1986. After successful operations of the An-24T tactical transport in austere locations, interest in a version with a retractable cargo ramp increased The Antonov AN26 is a twin turboprop cargo aircraft manufactured by the Russian firm, Antonov. Antonov first started producing the AN26 in 1969 with production ceasing by 1989. In this time 1,403 aircraft were delivered. The AN26 was developed from the AN24 aircraft. Essentially the AN26 is an AN24 with a rear cargo ramp AN26 CLEVIS BOLTS (3/8) Clevis bolts have a slotted brazier type head. They are special-purpose bolts for use where a large shearing stress occurs (never in tension)

Browse Aircraft.com's catalog of ANTONOV AN-26. Find tail numbers, view photos, and get detailed individual aircraft informatio Military tactical transport aircraft. In service since 1968. More powerful development of AN-24 with rear loading ramp and redesigned tail for military use. Chinese versions Y-7 and Y-7H. Civil version An-26S. In production from 1968 to 1985. Over 550 An-26s are in world wide civil service The Antonov An-26 Curl is a short-range tactical transport aircraft. It was the standard Soviet tactical transport during the latter half of the Cold War. This aircraft remains in widespread use


  1. Photo of Russia Border Guard Antonov An-26 (RF-26260) taken in Moscow - Vnukovo, Russia on 2020-08-05 by Vasily Kuznetsov of AirTeamImages.co
  2. 278. Antonov An-26. JetPhotos.com is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 4 million screened photos online
  3. Antonov An-26 commercial aircraft. Antonov An-26 pictures, specifications, cabin configuration. Antonov An-26 reviews and traveller comments
  4. the An-26 aircraft) or cargo lifting device (for the An-26B aircraft). Cargoes stacked on standard pallets are loaded with fork lifts only. The An-26 and An-26B aircraft are identical in their design and equipment configuration, except for some dissimilarity in cargo handling facilities and in their cargo transportation equipment
  5. Airplane Photos & Aviation Photos - View, Search, or Upload Photos! Over 1,000,000 picture
  6. ABOUT THIS AIRCRAFT. Similar to the Fokker 27 in capacity and performance, the An-26 is cheaper to charter and can take heavier single pieces of cargo. Russian operated models have limited traffic rights over Europe due to noise levels, but European operated models are unrestricted. AIRCRAFT LAYOUT. AIRCRAFT IMAGE
  7. The AN-26 and AN-30 aircraft саn bе reequipped into the passenger variants for 43 and 34 passengers accordingly, into the passengers-cargo, convertible ones and the VIP variants with different layouts. The additional fuel tanks саn bе installed on the AN-26 aircraft

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Aircraft Type. View photos of AN26. Basic users (becoming a basic user is free and easy!) view 40 history. Airborne Antonov An-26 (twin-turboprop) (AN26) Aircraft; Ident Type Origin Destination Departure Estimated Arrival Tim The aircraft has crashed in the Kharkiv region. An Antonov An-26 of the Ukrainian Air Force has crashed around 20.50LT on Sept. 25, 2020. The military aircraft came down about 1.2 km from the the The Antonov AN-26 is a twin-engined turboprop aircraft which is best suitable for more dense cargo, bulk loading, remote destinations with short runways and for ad-hoc flights. The AN-26 is a ramp-loading aircraft with a cabin large enough to even load a car The Antonov An-26 is a twin-engined turboprop short-to-medium range cargo aircraft capable of transporting 5,500 kg of mixed freight. Cargo pallets require a forklift to access its main deck. The Antonov An-26 has a rear loading ramp, onboard winches and hoists to assist with loading oversize or bulk cargo Judging by the information published by the Antonov enterprise, Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing, and services company, today another 53 of the same An-26 aircraft operate in Ukraine. Of these, 24 units belong to the civil aviation and 29 serve for the state aviation

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All Aircraft » An-26. Antonow / Antonov An-26. Name An-26 Manufacturer Antonow / Antonov Categories / Types short-range Utility Aircraft ICAO AN26 IATA AN6 Configuration Crew 4 Passengers 0 Specifications Speed 235 kts / 435 kmh / 270 mph Ceiling 26,575 ft / 8,100 m Range 486 nm / 900 km / 559. 7 Antonov An-26 Curl Cargo/Freighter Twin Engine TurboProps for Sale Worldwide. Search aircraft for sale for free! Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at GlobalPlaneSearch.com An-24 COKE An-26 CURL An-30 CLANK Y-7 / Y-14. Development of the An-24 began in 1960 in response to an Aeroflot requirement for a cheap and simple transport to replace the Li-2 (licensed DC-3), Il. We currently have 0 (new or used) Antonov An-26 aircraft for sale. The average price of the Antonov An-26 is not available. Interested in buying this aircraft click here! Previous Next. Disclaimer: Information on this site may not be accurate or current and is not valid for flight planning or any other aircraft operations. No warranty of.

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1981 ANTONOV An-26 Aircraft for Sale in Peru. Detailed Specification, Price, Photo On this page you will find all aircraft types mentioned on SKYbrary, listed by ICAO Aircraft Type Designator. If you do not find the aircraft type that you are looking for, or do not know the ICAO code, try searching for the name. Browse the category using the Aircraft Browser page

2017-03-20 South Supreme Antonov An-26 crashed on landing

The AN-26 military aircraft's wing most likely touched the ground and that led to the crash.This was announced by Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Taran on the Facebook page. According to the plan, the plane performed training flights to train the cadets The aircraft was engaged in a local training flight at Chuhuiv AFB, carrying 7 crew members and 20 cadets. On approach to runway 16, the crew apparently encountered engine problems when the aircraft lost height and crashed 2 km short of runway threshold near motorway E40, bursting into flames Antonov aircraft are specifically used for heavy cargo transport and unprepared runway ops. Photo: Dubai Airports History repeats. Antonov aircraft, specifically AN-26, have had various crashes in the last few years. In 2017, an An-26 passenger plane coming from Juba caught fire after landing in the city of Wau, and, despite the aircraft being destroyed, all 45 people on board were rescued On Friday evening, September 25, a Ukrainian Air Force military transport aircraft, An-26, crashed while trying to land at the Chuhuiv airport in Kharkiv region. There were 27 people on board of the crashed An-26: seven crew members and 20 military cadets. Twenty-five people died at the crash site, and one cadet died from burns at the hospital

AN26 AIRCRAFT CHARTER Request a quote. At iJET Charter we have a fleet of over 20,000 aircraft with varying capabilities and sizes to meet your cargo requirements at the best rates in the market.. AN23 - AN26 Drilled. UNF thread. Manufactured and cadmium plated in the same manner as AN3 - AN8 aircraft bolts. Minimum tensile strength 125,000psi. Drilled in the thread. Part Grip () Length () Price #10-32 AN23-8 3/16: 17/32: £5.65. Aircraft Technical Data & Specifications. Welcome to our extensive Aircraft Data and History section. In cooperation with Aerospace Publications we are proud to present the largest and most detailed aircraft information database on the Internet. 388 civil aircraft in use or under development are currently included with many more to come A list of all of CAPA's Aircraft Profiles beginning with the letter A

Photo of Antonov An-26 (EP-THJ) taken in Yazd - Shahid Sadooghi, Iran on 2020-08-15 by Mehrad Watson of AirTeamImages.co Antonov AN26. The Antonov AN-26 is a twin-engined turboprop aircraft which is best suitable for more dense cargo, bulk loading, remote destinations with short runways and for ad-hoc flights. The AN-26 is a ramp-loading aircraft with a cabin large enough to even load a car. View Aircraft

The Antonov An-26 is a twin-engined turboprop civilian and military transport aircraft, designed and produced in the Soviet Union from 1969 to 1986 and then from the Ukraine to the present. Antonov An-26 The An-26 has a secondary bomber role with under wing bomb racks Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. Flightradar24 tracks 180,000+ flights, from 1,200+ airlines, flying to or from 4,000+ airports around the world in real time. Our service is currently available online and for your iOS or Android device

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As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, an An-26 military aircraft crashed near the Chuhuiv airport while trying to make an emergency landing on September 25. Twenty-seven people (20 cadets from the Kharkiv military academy and seven crewmembers) were on aboard the aircraft. Twenty-five of them were killed in the crash. One cadet died in. Aviation Photo #6215113 Antonov An-26 - Russia - FSB [ Medium Large] Tweet. 447 of 448 447 of 448 Sponsor Message Sponsor Message Aircraft Russia - FSB Antonov An-26 Reg.: RF-26260 MSN: 1310 Ex UK-93914 Tashkent Aircraft Production. Re reg N8038Y to SRX Transcontinental Apr 2004. Stored OPF Feb 2008 The Ukrainian Air Force's An-26 transport aircraft had crashed in the Kharkiv region and claimed the lives of 26 people on board. The Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that the accident happened when it was landing An An-26 plane of the Ukrainian Air Force crashed while trying to land at the airport near the city of Chuhuiv late on September 25. There were 27 people (seven crew and 20 cadets) on board the aircraft. Twenty-five people died at the crash site, and one cadet, Vitaliy Vilkhovy, died at the hospital from burns

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You filtered based on: APC includes b.. 99 aircraft have been returned.. AN26. An26 by ANTONO The An-26 transport aircraft is intended for transportation of cargoes, mail and passengers. When necessary, it may be converted to ambulance version. Arranged in the tail section of the fuselage is a cargo door employed for cargo handling. The cargo door is covered with a special ramp used for loading of cargo and vehicles Aircraft; Home; Go PREMIUM to remove Ads Construction List - Antonov An-26 Serial Line No Model Reg Current/Last Operator Status; Antonov An-26B: 3X-GFM: GR Avia: Stored: Antonov An-26B: 3X-GFN: Trast Aero: Stored: 1109: 011-09: Antonov An-26: White 01: Kazakhstan Border Guard: Active: 1602 An An-26 plane has crashed near the city of Chuguev in the Kharkov region of Ukraine during landing, Ukrainian Air Force Command said Friday. According to the command, there were injuries and deaths, but the head of the Kharkov region, Oleksiy Kucher, said that there were also survivors in the crash How is Antonov An-26 (Russian aircraft) abbreviated? AN26 stands for Antonov An-26 (Russian aircraft). AN26 is defined as Antonov An-26 (Russian aircraft) very frequently

The aircraft, a Russian-made Antonov An-26 cargo airliner from Latvia, was escorted to London Stansted after being intercepted by aircraft from RAF Coningsby. RAF jets go supersonic to escort plane to airport Eleron Airlines is an operator of the cargo An26 type. The company was created in 2017 by young but ambitious and experienced team of experts in the aviation industry. The Eleron airline's mission is to lead the cargo segment of Ukraine's leasing to a high level of international standards and the EU. The aim of Eleron airline - to make air transportation of cargo on aircraft AN26 forehanded. The Antonov An-12 (Russian: Антонов Ан-12; NATO reporting name: Cub) is a four-engined turboprop transport aircraft designed in the Soviet Union.It is the military version of the Antonov An-10 and has many variants. For more than three decades the An-12 was the standard medium-range cargo and paratroop transport aircraft of the Soviet air forces

Aircraft UR-UZI - AN26 - Constanta Airlines - AirNav RadarBox Database - Live Flight Tracker, Status, History, Route, Replay, Status, Airports Arrivals Departures. Real-time flight tracking with one of the best and most accurate ADS-B coverage worldwide. Check airport arrivals and departures status and aircraft history The aircraft was destroyed by impact forces and a post crash fire. A passenger was seriously injured while seven other occupants were killed. The aircraft was on its way to Aweil with an intermediate stop in Wau, carrying a load of foods and money for wages on behalf of the World Food Programme (WFP)

Aircraft manufacturing and services firm Antonov, part of the Ukrainian Defense Industry (Ukroboronprom), has successfully completed the first phase of Ukraine's AN-26 transport aircraft modernisation programme. The AN-26 represents the first in the fleet of 14 aircraft that are for operations in the zone of anti-terrorist actions Today, Antonov continues its superiority in the design and production of extra large aircraft. The giant Antonov 124-100 Ruslan is a heavy lifter aircraft intended for the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo and various special-purpose vehicles.. The two major An-124 variants are the basic An-124 and the Russian civil certified An-124-100

Antonov An-26 (Curl) Transport Aircraft. Aviation / Aerospace. 1 / 1. Image from the United States Department of Defense DVIDS imagery network database. The Soviet-era Antonov An-26 Curl transport made a name for itself during the Cold War, produced in some 1,400 examples overall Download this stock image: Wreckage of a Russian Antonov AN26 aircraft at Pearls Airfield, Grenville, Grenada, West Indies - E1EGEJ from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors 72-AN26 100Aero Aircraft Scale Models / 100Aero Product description Category Aircraft Scale Models, Subcategory 100Aero, Scale 1 : 72, ISBN/Box 72-AN26, Publisher/Brand 100Aero, Format 33 cm, Version Resi An-26 is a Soviet military transport aircraft BOLT AN26-9A. Part number: CP-AN26-9A: 78.43 EUR. excl. VAT, excl. shipping. EA. Available Quantities: unknown: Need more information? Simply enter your email address below, and click OK. 50 Years Aircraft Spruce. Read all news. Visit Our Facebook Fan Page: Visit Our Instagram Account: Call us at +49 7634 9057700 from 08:00 to 16:30 CET.

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  1. Aircraft photo of CCCP-58642 - Antonov An-26 - Aeroflot, taken by Fergal Goodman at Shannon (EINN / SNN) in Ireland on 7 May 1989. This former Peruvian Air Force aircraft pauses on a ferry flight back to the USSR
  2. g a freight flight from Magadan to Mirny (Russia) with 8 crew
  3. The An-24 debuted at the Paris Air Show in 1965. Photo: Getty Images. The Antonov bureau built a mock-up of the giant plane at its workshop in Kyiv before rolling out the first An-22 on August 18, 1964. Now christened Antheus, after the ancient Greek for blossom or bloom, the aircraft underwent four months of test flights before debuting at the 1965 Paris Air Show
  4. Handover ceremony of two An-26 aircraft and opening ceremony of the aircraft maintenance unit, where aircraft of Kyrgyzstan will be maintained and repaired, took place on August 10 in Kant airbase, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan said in a statement

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Aircraft specifications and pictures for all airplane manufacturers including Aerospatiale, Airbus, Anotov, Beechcraft, Boeing, British Aerospace, Canadair Jet. Dear Visitor, Please note that the domain name www.antonov-airlines.com is now no longer active.www.antonov-airlines.com is now no longer active Antonov AN-26. This page is specifically for parts and information on the AN-26, for other Antonovs please see the main Aircraft parts adverts page. Ads for AN-26s. On Classic Aircraft are several hundred pages, enabling restorers, owners and people working on older airframes to advertise for parts that they need to keep a particular Antonov AN-26 in airworthy, or preserved static, condition

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Asia Airways AN26 near Khartoum on Apr 22nd 2019, ran out of fuel. An Asia Airways Antonov AN-26 freighter, registration EY-322 performing a positioning flight from Djibouti (Djibouti) to Khartoum (Sudan) with Updated list of AI aircraft models for FS2004, FSX and P3D sorted by manufacturer, for AI traffic. Many of the links point to the FlightSim Library; to download files from FlightSim and AvSim is required to be logged in The An-26 plane crashed on September 25, landing at the airfield of a military unit during scheduled training flights. Onboard there were 27 people (20 cadets of the Kharkiv military school and 7 officers - crew members). 25 of them died in the crash, 2 were hospitalized. On September 26, one of the cadets died in the hospital, the other survived War Diary project | Khmeimim, Syria | March 6th 2018 Support the War Diary project : http://PayPal.Me/ruvid Visit our (new) website: http://frontinfo.med..

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Univair Aircraft Corporation 2500 Himalaya Road Aurora, Colorado 80011 Toll Free Sales: 888-433-5433 Phone: 303-375-888 Antonov An-26 Aeroflot CCCP-47325 Aircraft Scale Models | 1:200 Aviaboss | 1 : 200 | A2025 | Aviaboss | diecast

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  1. AN-26 Military aircraft crashes in north-eastern Ukraine. An An-26 military transport plane has crashed in Ukraine's Kharkov region, the country's military has confirmed. At least 22 onboard have reportedly been killed, and two badly burned survivors have been hospitalized
  2. FS2004 Antonov An-26. A 3DSMax/Gmax model, upgraded with corrected landing lights, added taxi lights, some panels, effects and gauges are added. By V. Zhyhulskiy. Flight dynamics based on model by D. Samborskiy. Sounds by Mike Maarse
  3. The Antonov An-26 (NATO reporting name: Curl) is a twin-engined light turboprop military transport aircraft, designed and produced in the USSR from 12 March 1968
  4. Antonov An-26 Soviet cargo aircraft (late version) Amodel 1:72 72118 . 2004 | Changed parts + Actions Stash . An-26 (Versions RR, RT, Z) Amodel 1:72 72134 . 2005 | Changed parts + Actions Stash . Antonov An-26 early version Amodel 1:72 72101 . 2004 | New tool + Actions Stash . Antonov An-26 Curl Soviet Cargo Aircraft
  5. Jul 20, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Paul Glick. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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Kazan Aircraft Production Association (1) McDonnell Douglas (5) Sud Aviation (1) Tupolev (1) de Havilland Aircraft Company (1) RC Aircraft; Civilian Aircraft; RC Planes available for Airliners & transport. This list illustrates available RC planes modelled after Commercial Airliners and Commuter aircraft Ez a fájl szabadon másolható, terjeszthető és/vagy módosítható a GNU Szabad Dokumentációs Licenc feltételei alapján, csak az 1.2-es, a Free Software Foundation által publikált Nem Változtatható szakaszok, Címlapszövegek és Hátlapszövegek nélküli változat szerint. E licenc egy példánya a GNU Szabad Dokumentációs Licenc című fejezetben olvasható Welcome to our website. Airpart Supply Ltd are a leading aviation parts supplier based in the UK, proudly distributing for the largest manufacturers in the industry. We supply aircraft parts from our UK warehouse which is conveniently placed in High Wycombe, only 20 minutes from London Heathrow Antonov An-26 The Antonov An-26 (NATO reporting name: Curl) is a twin-engined turboprop civilian and military transport aircraft, designed and produced in the Soviet Union from 1969 to 1986. 1977y, 340 pages, many illustrations

Ukraine plane crash death toll rises to 26, with 1
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